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Trey Easter

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Love God.  Love People...


This started for me a little over 3 years ago.  I had the notion to want to get into videography and begin creating content for travel and more.  As I saw it, the best practice to get great at shooting videos would be to pick up a camera and first get great at shooting pictures.  


I was in no way excited to embark on a journey into the world of photography, but found myself jumping into it more and more as the days passed.  I found a group of friends/adventurers who were into shooting more than just your everyday photo, but instead wanted to climb buildings, walk bridges, travel, and do whatever it took for great shots.  Within this niche, I grew.


Well, it didn't take long after I was confident enough to begin posting my work that people began to reach out to me for shoots. My sister Trakela Small pushed me more and more to get deeper into my craft and brought me on weddings and shoots she had at times.  


3 years later, I'm deep in love with photography and enjoy capturing the moments that people invite me in on within their lives.  Each shoot is different, because we are all so, so different.  But that's the joy I take in my work.  


I love God.. I love people... and I sincerely love the moments of life... 


Thanks in advance for allowing me to capture yours... 

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